FFPE DNA/RNA Purification Kit

ExScale’s nucleic acid isolation protocols use intuitive software, novel lysis buffer solutions and magnetic separation of DNA and RNA-bound bead particles enabling DNA standalone or proprietary serial extraction of DNA and RNA from the same tissue, and standalone HD-RNA™ enriching for mature RNA. ExScale’s purification kits consist of plastic-ware, reagents packed into prefilled cartridges and a deparaffinisation reagent

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Product Description

Sequential DNA/RNA purification from FFPE tissue

The FFPE DNA/RNA purification kit is optimized to allow the sequential purification of genomic DNA and total RNA from the same FFPE tissue sample. The kit contains prefilled reagents cartridges and consumables for the fully automated extraction process. DNA and total RNA are of suitable quality for next generation sequencing, real time RT PCR, PCR and other downstream application. This protocol is designed to minimize hands-on time and has a total turnaround time of 3 hours 10 minutes (short lysis) or 4 hours 30 minutes (long lysis).

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