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Asuragen Launches QuantideX® NGS RNA Lung Cancer Kit

30 April 2017

Introducing A Highly Sensitive Targeted RNA Sequencing Panel for the Analysis of Gene Fusions and Expression Markers in Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer.

The QuantideX® NGS RNA Lung Cancer Kit is a next generation sequencing panel that simultaneously interrogates known clinically-relevant gene fusions, 3’/5’ imbalance markers, exon skipping events, and mRNA expression levels in non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) samples.

The QuantideX® RNA Lung Cancer Kit is a cGMP manufactured, end-to-end NGS-in-a-Box™ product solution. The kit is part of an integrated workflow that delivers sequencing-ready libraries in approximately half the time of comparable competitor methods and incorporates push-button analytics that standardize results. Asuragen’s proprietary Sample-Aware™ bioinformatics software solution minimizes the subjective results commonly associated with less integrated product offerings currently on market.

The Asuragen QuantideX® NGS RNA Lung Cancer Kit is optimized for use with low-quality and quantity samples such as FFPE and fine-needle aspirations. The highly sensitive assay detects fusions and splice variants at 5% and 1% cell fractions, respectively.

“With the release of this new RNA-Seq assay, Asuragen is providing the most comprehensive and sensitive research tool for examining >100 clinically-relevant NSCLC gene rearrangements across 11 different fusion partners,” commented Matthew McManus, M.D., Ph.D., President and Chief Executive Officer, Asuragen Inc. “In providing an integrated and comprehensive workflow solution, Asuragen’s NGS assays reduce the barrier-to-entry for laboratories considering targeted NGS oncology assays while also providing new options for laboratories already familiar with NGS technology.”

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