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Celebrating Pete on his 20th Work Anniversary!

4 May 2024

We are delighted to congratulate Pete Ridley, VH Bio’s Warehouse Manager, on his 20th work anniversary! Pete started at VH Bio in May 2004 and has been a vital member in the team for the last two decades.

Hear from Pete about his experience at VH Bio:

My role has evolved since I first started at VH Bio. Initially, I was responsible for goods in and despatch. Today, I still look after the same as well as any improvements to site equipment, building maintenance, environment issues, contractors to site and service contracts for services to VH Bio.

The warehouse has also been adapted over the years – as soon as I started, we added an extra level to the warehouse in 2005. I also overlooked upgrades to the warehouse’s layout and organisation as well the additions of deep freezers and cold room for product storage, which were big improvements.

Over the last 20 years, I have witnessed VH Bio consolidate its good reputation by providing much more technical expertise to our customers. Personally, I think that our on-site storage is far more organised and well laid out now. Our ISO accreditations also mean we are so much more environmentally friendly, and I am proud of our state-of-the-art temperature monitoring of product storage.

I have now been a part of the team for over 20 years, and I can honestly say it has gone in a blur. Thinking back to my first impression, I thought, ‘what a welcoming friendly team’ and that is still the same to this day.

Some of my favourite milestones within my 20 years would be the two lab redevelopments and some very memorable get togethers for occasions like Christmas parties and nights out!

I would challenge anyone to find a more welcoming set up than VH Bio’s, especially if you are a new addition to the team. I would say I only wish I had started at VH Bio earlier in my own working life.

“Pete has been incredibly loyal and a valued member of the team. From day one he revolutionised the warehouse and order dispatch department. His meticulous and careful nature has ensured that high standards have always been met and we are extremely lucky to have him.”

-Alison Wortley, Managing Director of VH Bio

Thanks for your hard work, dedication, and for being part of the VH Bio family, Pete!

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