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Discover LABScreen™ Autoantibody Detection

20 August 2018

Testing for autoantibodies has never been more important as recent studies suggest a potential, long-term detrimental impact. Employing single antigen bead technology, the LABScreen Autoantibody assays allow you to detect and monitor a broad range of autoantibody targets.

The family is now complete!

LABScreen Autoantibody Group 3 is now available and enables you to easily investigate these non-HLA antibodies further. Group 3 brings the ability to characterise six new targets: Collagen I, II, III, IV, V and Fibronectin. This adds to the already robust repertoire of proteins characterised by Groups 1 and 2 including myosin, vimentin, tubulin, and perlecan (LG3) among others. Following a familiar workflow and analysis algorithm, these assays can be easily integrated into your laboratory workflow without the need for new instrumentation or extensive retraining.

Key benefits

•    Characterise over 30 unique biomarkers in a single run
•    Multi-group configuration allows testing flexibility
•    Familiar workflow that’s compatible with LABScan analyzers

Discover the clinical significance of autoantibodies


Watch the recorded webinar

Non HLA Antibodies: A New Perspective on Allograft Injury & Rejection

An introduction to non-HLA antibodies, their potential impact to transplantation, and review of new developments in their characterisation.


Read the white paper

LABScreen Autoantibody – Expanding the Antibody Detection Repertoire

A growing body of evidence suggests that autologous antibodies (autoantibodies) may be important in determining the outcome of kidney, pancreas, liver, heart, lung and haematopoietic stem cell transplants. Download our white paper to discover how the One Lambda LABScreen Autoantibody assay delivers multiplex screening for antibodies to 39 antigens.

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