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Lympholyte®: overview and client feedback

14 June 2023

In the world of scientific research, efficient and reliable cell separation techniques are vital for unlocking new discoveries and advancing our understanding of complex biological processes. Lympholyte®, Cedarlane’s user-friendly and effective cell separation media, offers exceptional recovery of viable lymphocytes and demonstrates high, non-selective recovery of viable lymphocytes that are suitable for use as target cells in cytotoxicity and FACS assays and in vivo / in vitro functional studies for multiple disciplines.

With Lympholyte® Cell Separation Media, researchers can easily isolate viable lymphocytes from a range of mammalian cell populations, including human, mouse, rat, rabbit, and more.

Client feedback for Lympholyte-H

As a trusted supply partner in the field of life sciences, VH Bio proudly serves the prestigious Leeds Institute of Medical Research at the University of Leeds.

Within this renowned institution, a dedicated group of researchers are conducting groundbreaking studies on oncolytic virus immunotherapy for sarcoma. Leveraging VH Bio’s high-quality solutions, this research group utilises advanced 2D and 3D multicellular in vitro models to assess the direct oncolytic effects and immune stimulatory properties of oncolytic viruses. As a chosen supplier, VH Bio supports the research efforts of the University of Leeds, ensuring they have access to the necessary tools and materials to drive forward their innovative investigations in sarcoma treatment.

Their methods include in vitro immunological assays using peripheral blood mononuclear cell (PBMC) co-culture systems with tumour and stromal cells. For this, they require human lymphocyte isolation medium on a weekly basis to isolate PBMC from leukocyte cones.

“Using Lympholyte-H I achieved a higher PBMC count and lower level of platelet contamination when compared with the product we currently used (StemCell – Lymphoprep). The Lympholyte-H product is also cheaper than the product currently used by our lab,” said Tyler Barr, Research Fellow at the Leeds Institute of Medical Research, University of Leeds.

Tyler said that she was very likely to recommend the product to a colleague and that Cedarlane’s Lympholyte was of a high quality, whilst also describing VH Bio’s customer service as ‘helpful, friendly, and professional.’


Lympholyte®-H (Human) provides isolation of viable human lymphocytes from human Peripheral and cord blood and isolation of mononuclear cells from bone marrow preparations. The sterile liquid uses a simple protocol for the elimination of erythrocytes and dead cells from human blood. Lympholyte®-H also removes the majority of granulocytes, including neutrophils. The resulting cell population consists of a high and non-selective recovery of viable human lymphocytes and monocytes.

To request a free sample of Lympholyte-H or other Lympholyte cell separation media, please email [email protected].


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