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Improve mental wellbeing during self isolation with the VH Bio CoLrIn BOOK

26 March 2020

VH Bio recently designed a Histocompatibility and Immunogenetics-themed ‘VH Bio CoLrIn BOOK’ that was not just for fun – it was also to help promote mental wellbeing.

Now, due to COVID-19 forcing everyone to work from home, and children to remain home from school and in self isolation, we are making the colouring book available to download online for free.

VH Bio has a charity partnership with the If U Care Share Foundation, an independent charity based in the North East of England that promotes emotional well-being in young people and those affected by suicide. See for more information.

Studies have suggested that colouring books can benefit adults’ mental health, potentially reducing symptoms of depression and anxiety. This can also be the case for children, and can also keep them entertained during this time of isolation. Plus, the transplantation theme could inspire a science lesson!

Mental health is something we take very seriously at VH Bio. We are much more than just a commercial enterprise, we are a family, built on core principles of looking after each other and our wider customer base.

We’re now encouraging people to download pages or the whole book and take some time to colour, relax and take your mind off the state of things.

Visitors to the VH Bio stand at BSHI in 2019 were given the colouring book. If you received a hard copy of the colouring book, now is a great time to dig it out and practice some relaxation and concentration colouring in a page or two!

Download and print out the colouring book and please feel free to share your drawings with us on Twitter or LinkedIn!

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