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MMDx™ – Sepsitest and MicroDx: Improve Patient Management By Identifying Rare And Fastidious Pathogens & Take Advantage of MMDx in Clinical Practice

20 November 2023

VH Bio’s supply partner, Molzym, provides resources to help you understand the benefits of choosing the MMDx™ kit for patient management and clinical practice:

How Can You Improve Patient Management by Identifying Rare and Fastidious Pathogens?

Learn about the identification of rare and fastidious pathogens with molecular diagnostic tests to improve patient management and guide early therapy administration:

What do you do when culture remains negative after days of incubation in severely ill patients with suspected microbial infection?

Would you benefit from a reliable and rapid method for pathogen identification in such cases?

Molzym’s Molecular Diagnostic Test (MMDx) allows to identify a broad spectrum of bacteria and fungi, including common, rare, and fastidious ones, directly from clinical specimens (sterile body fluids, tissues or swabs) in just 7 hours.

MMDx is especially useful for samples where culture and panel-based diagnostics give negative results but the patients display clear signs of infection that might be caused by rare or fastidious pathogens. Indeed, by culture, the detection and identification of these organisms might be time-consuming or even impossible – intracellular or fastidious pathogens, that require specific media and growth conditions or need a long time to grow.

MMDx has proven to provide accurate results identifying rare or fastidious pathogens with its molecular and broad range approach, like Malassezia restricta or Tropheryma whipplei. The identification of the infectious agent improves patients’ management as antimicrobial therapy can be adapted early.

Watch a video on Identification of Rare and Fastidious Pathogens by Molzym’s Molecular Diagnostic Test:


Download Molzym’s Application Note:

Broad-Range Molecular Detection of Rare and Fastidious Pathogens


How Can You Take Advantage Of Molzym’s Molecular Diagnostics Test (MMDx) In Clinical Practice?

Get an overview of key data from a meta-analysis performed on Molzym’s molecular diagnostic tests (MMDx™) and the potential for patient management in terms of pathogen ID and impact on treatment:

Molecular broad-range identification of bacteria and fungi for infectious diseases sounds interesting, but you’d like to see evidence and clinical data from peers’ publications first?

A meta-analysis on MMDx™ was recently presented, reviewing 112 references of which 23 studies matched the quality selection criteria by PRISMA. From these studies, data were extracted on 4419 samples from 2378 patients/episodes covering various diseases such as sepsis, infective endocarditis, bacterial meningitis and joint infections. Results of MMDx™ and culture were compared in regard to positivity, false-positive and false-negative rates, diagnostic sensitivity and specificity and the added-value of MMDx™ over culture. Further, the data available were evaluated for the impact of MMDx™ results on patient management.


With acceptable sensitivity and specificity, the positivity rate with MMDx™ was 35% and the one of culture was 20% from pooled data. The highest added-value of MMDx™ highlighted in the meta-analysis lies in culture-negative cases, where true infections missed by the reference method could be captured in 18%, hence increasing the diagnostic capacity by 90% when combining the 2 methods.

See the Meta-Analysis in Action:


Download the poster:

Clinical performance of broad-range 16S and 18S rRNA gene PCR/Real-Time PCR and sequencing compared to culture diagnosis: a systematic review and meta-analysis’


Get in touch with VH Bio to discuss using MMDx™ or with any questions about the Molzym products.

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