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Molzym offers a variety of products for the culture-independant and rapid molecular analysis of the microbial etiologies of diseases, including, among others sepsis, infectious endocarditis, septic arthritis, and meningitis.

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MolYsis SelectNA™plus KitDiagnosticsMolzym48 Reactions05D-450-048Login to see prices
SepsiTest™ CE IVDDiagnosticsMolzym12 reactions05A-020-012Login to see prices
SepsiTest™ CE IVDDiagnosticsMolzym24 Reactions05A-020-024Login to see prices
SepsiTest™ CE IVDDiagnosticsMolzym48 Reactions05A020048Login to see prices
UMD-Universal CE IVDDiagnosticsMolzym12 reactions05U-010-012Login to see prices
UMD-Universal CE IVDDiagnosticsMolzym24 Reactions05U-010-024Login to see prices
UMD-Universal CE IVDDiagnosticsMolzym48 Reactions05U-010-048Login to see prices

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