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The LABScan3D and LABScan 100 systems are based on Luminex® xMAP® technology and use Luminex® xPONENT® software for data acquisition. Using the LABScan systems with our LABType® and LABScreen™ family of products allows the user to make assignments of HLA antibodies as well as HLA typing with the analysis support of HLA Fusion Software.

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Product Name Category Supplier Unit Size SKU Price
Calibration Kit for xPonent 3.1LABScan100™ and LABScan3D™One LambdaEach03LX200-CAL-K25Login to see prices
LABScan™ 100/200LABScan100™ and LABScan3D™One LambdaEach03LABSCNXS3Login to see prices
LABScan™ XMAP 3DLABScan100™ and LABScan3D™One LambdaEach03LABSCNXS4Login to see prices
Verfication Kit for xPonent 3.1LABScan100™ and LABScan3D™One LambdaEach03LX200-CON-K25Login to see prices
xMAP Sheath Fluid, 20LLABScan100™ and LABScan3D™One Lambda20L03LX40-50000Login to see prices

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