AllType™ NGS

NGS Based Genotyping with Fast Turnaround

AllType™ offers a complete NGS solution that delivers unambiguous, high-resolution genotyping results in less than three days. This assay delivers single tube amplification for all eleven Class I and Class II loci, completely removing the need for amplicon pooling. Samples are transferred directly to library preparation and made ready for sequencing in a single workday.

AllType™ NGS Assay on the Ion S5™ and  Illumina MiSeq™ Systems

The AllType workflow offers platform-specific barcoding to allow for added flexibility and sequencing on your system of choice. The speed and automation of the Ion Chef and S5 sequencing system delivers efficiency and reliability while TypeStream™ and TypeStream™ Visual, our two state-of-the-art data analysis softwares, automate genotyping to further shorten time-to-results


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Product Name Category Supplier Unit Size SKU Price
AllType™ NGS 11-Loci Amplification KitAllType™ NGSOne Lambda96 Tests03ALL-11LXLogin to see prices
AllType™ NGS 11-Loci Sample Prep Flex KitAllType™ NGSOne Lambda96 Tests03ALL-PREP11LFXLogin to see prices
Ion 520™ & 530™ Ext Kit – ChefAllType™ NGSOne Lambda4 Runs03IONCHEF-EXTLogin to see prices
Ion PGM™ & S5™ Template IA KitAllType™ NGSOne Lambda4 Runs03IONS5-IALogin to see prices
Ion S5™/IA/530 Reagents KitsAllType™ NGSOne Lambda8 Runs03IONS5-IA-530Login to see prices
Ion Xpress™ Barcode Adapters 1-16 KitAllType™ NGSOne Lambda160 Tests03ION-XBA1Login to see prices
Ion Xpress™ Barcode Adapters 17-32 KitAllType™ NGSOne Lambda160 Tests03ION-XBA2Login to see prices
Ion Xpress™ Barcode Adapters 33-48 KitAllType™ NGSOne Lambda160 Tests03ION-XBA3Login to see prices
Ion Xpress™ Barcode Adapters 49-64 KitAllType™ NGSOne Lambda160 Tests03ION-XBA4Login to see prices
Ion Xpress™ Barcode Adapters 65-80 KitAllType™ NGSOne Lambda160 Tests03ION-XBA5Login to see prices
Ion Xpress™ Barcode Adapters 80-96 KitAllType™ NGSOne Lambda160 Tests03ION-XBA6Login to see prices
Ion Xpress™ Barcode Adaptors 1-96 KitAllType™ NGSOne Lambda160 Tests03ION-XBA7Login to see prices
Ion Xpress™ Plus Fragment Library KitAllType™ NGSOne Lambda20 Tests03ION-XLIBLogin to see prices

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