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One Lambda’s portfolio of Micro SSP™ typing trays provide complete HLA Class I and Class II DNA typing.

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Product Name Category Supplier Unit Size SKU Price
5XTB Buffer with EtBrMicro SSP™ Ancillary ReagentsOne Lambda100ml035XTBE100Login to see prices
96-Well Transfer Device96 Well Transfer DeviceOne LambdaEach03TRNDV96Login to see prices
96-Well Transfer Device Actuator96 Well Transfer DeviceOne LambdaEach03TRNDVACTLogin to see prices
96-Well Transfer Device Alignment Plate96 Well Transfer DeviceOne LambdaEach03TRNDVAPLogin to see prices
96-Well Transfer Device Combo96 Well Transfer DeviceOne LambdaEach03TRNDCOMBOLogin to see prices
96-Well Transfer Device Maintenance Kit96 Well Transfer DeviceOne LambdaEach03TRNDVMKITLogin to see prices
96-Well Transfer Device Replacement Gasket96 Well Transfer DeviceOne Lambda503TRNDV5GKTLogin to see prices
96-Well Transfer Device Stand96 Well Transfer DeviceOne LambdaEach03TRNDVSTDLogin to see prices
A0101NAmbiStripsOne Lambda8 Tests03SSPT1-E1Login to see prices
A0301NAmbiStripsOne Lambda8 Tests03SSPT1-D1Login to see prices
A2409NAmbiStripsOne Lambda8 Tests03SSPT1-C1Login to see prices
Allset Wipe TestMicro SSP™ Ancillary ReagentsOne LambdaEach03LF789991Login to see prices
AmB15AmbiStripsOne Lambda8 Tests03SSPT1-B2Login to see prices
AmB1836AmbiStripsOne Lambda8 Tests03SSPT1-B3Login to see prices
AmB3587AmbiStripsOne Lambda8 Tests03SSPT1-H3Login to see prices
AmB4080AmbiStripsOne Lambda8 Tests03SSPT1-D2Login to see prices
AmB46AmbiStripsOne Lambda8 Tests03SSPT1-G3Login to see prices
AmB4803AmbiStripsOne Lambda8 Tests03SSPT1-C2Login to see prices
AmB5001AmbiStripsOne Lambda8 Tests03SSPT1-F3Login to see prices
AmB5201AmbiStripsOne Lambda8 Tests03SSPT1-E3Login to see prices

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