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Product Name Category Supplier Unit Size SKU Price
1 | PEB (4x) | protein extraction bufferSpeciality ProductsCedarlane5 x 2 mlCLAS08-300Login to see prices
1 ACT | Alpha1-antichymotrypsin ,(Host: sheep),(Clonality:polyclonal),(Animal Cell Biology)Speciality ProductsCedarlane1 mgCLAS10-1399Login to see prices
10X Antigen Retrieval Buffer High pH 10.0,(Accessory Product)Speciality ProductsCedarlane500 mlCLSG90452Login to see prices
10X Citrate Buffer, pH 6.0,(Accessory Product)Speciality ProductsCedarlane500 mlCLSG80121Login to see prices
10X Citrate Buffer, pH 7.0,(Accessory Product)Speciality ProductsCedarlane500 mlCLSG80122Login to see prices
10X Citrate Buffer, pH 8.0,(Accessory Product)Speciality ProductsCedarlane500 mlCLSG80123Login to see prices
10X EDTA Buffer, pH 8.0,(Accessory Product)Speciality ProductsCedarlane500 mlCLSG80124Login to see prices
10X Tris-EDTA Retrieval Buffer, pH 9.0,(Accessory Product)Speciality ProductsCedarlane500 mlCLSG90448Login to see prices
11-tag Protein MarkerSpeciality ProductsCedarlane50 µlCLDB3000Login to see prices
14-3-3 (N19) Blocking Peptide. For Corresponding Antibody please see Polyclonal AntibodiesSpeciality ProductsCedarlane0.1 mgCLDB082PLogin to see prices
14-3-3 GRF | General regulatory element,(Size: 50 µl, for reconstitution please add 50 µl of sterile water)Speciality ProductsCedarlaneEachCLAS12-2119Login to see prices
14.3.3C | 14.3.3-like protein CSpeciality ProductsCedarlane100 µlCLAS08-317Login to see prices
2 | Plant Cell Compartment Antibody Marker Set | 5 antibodiesSpeciality ProductsCedarlaneEachCLSA000002Login to see prices
2 | Educational antibody kit – photosynthesisSpeciality ProductsCedarlaneEachCLAS05-070Login to see prices
2 | Photosynthesis Tool Kit – quantitation,(Size: 10 µl, 200 µl and 100 µl of respective antibody, 100 µl/tube of Each protein standard)Speciality ProductsCedarlaneEachCLAS04-051Login to see prices
2 | Plant Cell Compartment Antibody Marker Set | 10 antibodiesSpeciality ProductsCedarlaneEachCLSA000003Login to see prices
2 | Rubisco quantitation kit,(Size: 2 x 50 µl of AS03 037, RbcL | Rubisco large subunit, form I and form II (amount enough for 50-100 Western blots)2 x 100 µl of AS01 017S, Rubisco protein standardSpeciality ProductsCedarlaneEachCLAS09-409Login to see prices
2 | Set of 10 plant anti-Lhca and anti-Lhcb antibodies,(Size: 9 x 200 µl + 1 x 50 µg (Lhcb1 antibody))Speciality ProductsCedarlaneEachCLAS01-011Login to see prices
2 | Set of 4 Chlamydomonas anti-Lhc antibodies,(Size: 100 µl (Lhcb4, Lhcb5, Lhcbm5)200 µl (Lhcb2))Speciality ProductsCedarlaneEachCLAS01-011-CHLAMYDOMONASLogin to see prices
20X DAB Enhancer,(Accessory Product)Speciality ProductsCedarlane10ml conc.CLSG80110Login to see prices

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