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Product Name Category Supplier Unit Size SKU Price
Bar-code TagHardware & InstrumentationPSS100 Pieces09F8001Login to see prices
Blood Tube HolderHardware & InstrumentationPSS16 Pieces09F8002Login to see prices
geneLEAD Consumable SetKits & ReagentsPSS48 Tests09F2118Login to see prices
geneLEAD PCR CassetteHardware & InstrumentationPSS192 Tests09F2121Login to see prices
geneLEAD Waste BoxHardware & InstrumentationPSS20 Pieces09F2125Login to see prices
geneLEAD XII plusHardware & InstrumentationPSSEach09A2603Login to see prices
Genomic DNA Whole Blood 100 Protocol IC CardKits & ReagentsPSSEach09I1210Login to see prices
MagDEA DNA 200 KitKits & ReagentsPSS48 Tests09E7001Login to see prices
magDEA Dx MVPSS48 Tests09E1320Login to see prices
magDEA Dx SVKits & ReagentsPSS48 Tests09E1300Login to see prices
magLEAD 12gCHardware & InstrumentationPSSEach09A1120Login to see prices
magLEAD 5bLHardware & InstrumentationPSSEach09A1150Login to see prices
magLEAD 6gCHardware & InstrumentationPSSEach09A1060Login to see prices
magLEAD Consumable KitKits & ReagentsPSS50 Tests09F4430Login to see prices

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