Antibodies for Human – Gold Conjugated Antibodies

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Name Units Sku Price
0.5 mlCL7605G£126.00
1.0 mlCL7605G-2£225.00
0.5 mlCL7625G£126.00
1.0 mlCL7625G-2£225.00
0.5 mlCL7631G£126.00
1.0 mlCL7631G-2£225.00
0.5 mlCL7632G£126.00
1.0 mlCL7632G-2£225.00
0.5 mlCL7636G£126.00
1.0 mlCL7636G-2£225.00
0.5 mlCL7637G£126.00
1.0 mlCL7637G-2£225.00
0.5 mlCL7672G£126.00
1.0 mlCL7672G-2£225.00


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