Automated Large Sample Volume Nucleic Acid Purification

Product Description

magLEAD® 5bL is a fully automated nucleic acid extraction instrument with a mechanism of separating magnetic beads by Magtration® technology. Although it is a compact benchtop system, the simultaneous processing up to 5 samples is possible. The easy operation needs only two steps to start; load pre-filled reagents and samples, and press run. The risk of cross-contamination is eliminated by the usage of pre-filled reagents and single-use disposables. This extremely robust instrument allows the isolation of nucleic acid within a short period of time with a true walk away technology.

MagDEA® Dx reagents were developed for the fully automated magLEAD nucleic acid systems. The extraction process includes sample lysis, proteinase K digestion, magnetic bead adsorption, washing and elution. The cartridges are pre-filled and sealed with all reagents required for high-quality nucleic acid extraction. Optimized for extractions up to 5 mL total volume.

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