Nucleic Acid Purification from FFPE Tissue Sections

Product Description

ExScale introduces an automated next generation technology for nucleic acid extraction from fresh-frozen and formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded (FFPE) tissue sections using paramagnetic beads. The technology enables sequential extraction of DNA and RNA from the same biospecimen. The isolated nucleic acids are suitable for use in NGS and other downstream applications for clinical and research purposes.

ExScale’s nucleic acid isolation protocols use intuitive software, novel lysis buffer solutions and magnetic separation of DNA and RNA-bound bead particles enabling standalone DNA/total RNA or proprietary serial extraction of both DNA and RNA from the same tissue sample. ExScale’s purification kits consist of plastic-ware, reagents packed into prefilled cartridges and a deparaffinisation reagent.

ExScale’s purification technology utilises a convenient bench-top Magtration® System magLEAD 12GC robot (Precision System Science Co.,Ltd.) with the ability to simultaneously process up to 12 samples. The Magtration® Technology platform enables separation and re-suspension of magnetic beads within a disposable tip, reducing the risk for cross-contamination between samples.

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