Multi-Site Evaluation of a Single-Tube Long-Read PCR Assay for the Reliable Detection and Characterisation of C9orf72 Hexanucleotide Repeat Expansions

Suh et al. 2016

Evaluation of a Novel PCR Technology for the Quantification of C9orf72 Hexanucleotide Repeat Expansions

Bram et al. 2016

A Streamlined PCR Assay for Rapid and Accurate Genotyping of Poly-T Length Polymorphisms at RS10524523 of the TOMM40 Gene

Statt et al. 2016

Automated Fragment Size Analysis of AmplideX® FMR1 PCR Products Improves Interpretive Accuracy and Reduces Turn-Around Time

Printy et al. 2015


A Comprehensive Multi-Site Evaluation of the QuantideX® NGS Pan Cancer Kit Yields Repeatable and Reproducible NGS Analysis of Low-Quality FFPE Tumour Biopsies

Dong et al. 2015

QuantideX® NGS Reporter: A Push-Button Bioinformatics Analysis Tool that Integrates Pre-Analytic QC for Simple-to-use Analytics with Superior Variant Detection in Residual Clinical FFPE, FNA and Liquid Tumour Biopsies

Zeigler et al. 2015

Accurate and Reproducible Detection of Fusions and Exon Skipping Events in NSCLC-Derived Samples Using a Comprehensive, Targeted RNA-Seq System Across Multiple Laboratories

Latham et al. 2017

A Modular Next-Generation Sequencing Technology that Combines Targeted Enrichment and Bioinformatics Analyses to Reveal RNA Expression and DNA Mutations in Lung Cancer

Haynes et al. 2016

Functional DNA Quantification Guides Accurate Next-Generation Sequencing Mutation Detection in Formalin-Fixed, Paraffin-Embedded Tumor Biopsies

Latham et al. 2013

DNA-Free PCR Reagents

Differing Prevalence and Diversity of Bacterial Species in Fetal Membranes from Very Preterm and Term Labour

Jones et al. 2009

Activity and DNA Contamination of Commercial PCR Reagents for the Universal 16S rDNA Real-Time PCR Detection of Bacterial Pathogens in Blood

Mühl et al. 2008

MolYsis™ Pathogen DNA Isolation

Comparison of Microbial DNA Enrichment Tools for Metagenomic Whole Genome Sequencing

Thoendel et al. 2016

Rapid Detection of Staphylococcus Aureus Bacteremia and Methicillin Resistance by Real-Rime PCR in Whole Blood Samples

Wellinghausen et al. 2009

Expanding the Diagnostic Use of PCR in Leptospirosis: Improved Method for DNA Extraction from Blood Cultures

Villumsen et al. 2010

Rapid Detection of Pathogens in Blood Culture Bottles by Real-Time PCR in Conjunction with the Pre-Analytic Tool MolYsis

Gebert et al. 2008

Next Generation Nucleic Acid Extraction Technology

Automated Serial Extraction of DNA and RNA from Biobanked Tissue Specimens

Mahot et al. 2013

Efficient and Scalable Serial Extraction of DNA & RNA from Frozen Tissue Samples

Mahot et al. 2010

Viruses in Case Series of Tumours: Consistent Presence in Different Cancers in the Same Subject

Mühr et al. 2010

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