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VH Bio’s commitment to reducing our environmental impact

30 July 2021

Sustainability and the reduction of our environmental impact is a key part of VH Bio’s business strategy. Our entire team is passionate about protecting the planet, and as a company we have established a number of green initiatives to ensure we minimise waste and operate as eco-friendly as possible.

VH Bio holds the ISO 14001 environmental accreditation, which sets the framework for organisations to follow in order to implement an environmental management system, in turn enhancing the environmental performance.

Under ISO 14001, we have implemented environmentally friendly policies and procedures across many areas of the business:

Reduce, Reuse and Return!

Due to the nature of our industry, our transplant diagnostics, molecular biology, cell biology and immunology products must be shipped in polystyrene boxes to safeguard the products and guarantee their quality. At the moment, the boxes unfortunately have a short life – one use. We prefer to re-use them and do our bit towards protecting the environment, so have implemented a Freepost packaging returns policy.

Here’s how our customers can return the packaging:

  • Place the polystyrene box back into the cardboard sleeve
  • Attach the Freepost label provided
  • Ship the packaging back to us via Royal Mail so that we can reuse it!

Many of our customers currently participate in this programme and we are currently campaigning to get everyone on board.

Eco-friendly office policies

VH Bio operates as efficiently as possible and has implemented many office policies to ensure all members of the team do their part. We encourage any necessary printing to be done in black and white when possible and we monitor the amount of printing that occurs. All of our invoices are sent electronically which also helps reduce paper usage.

Our offices also provide segregated waste for recycling, and we have replaced the lighting throughout the office for more eco-friendly lighting.

Alison Wortley, managing director at VH Bio, is very passionate about protecting the environment, and is continuously looking into ways that the company can further reduce its environmental footprint.

“I strive for minimal impact in my personal life, so it’s natural to extend that to the business environment. I believe that everyone should make an effort to do their part in saving the planet and I hope that other business owners will find inspiration from these initiatives to potentially implement similar policies.”

“I’m so grateful for all of our customers and suppliers who engage in eco-friendly actions and would love to see each of our partners participate in the Freepost scheme.”

Contact VH Bio with any questions about the package return programme or with recommendations for reducing our collective environmental impact.

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