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Make Your Sanger Sequencing Cost-Effective

8 September 2021

VH Bio is pleased to offer a range of high-quality, cost-effective products for Sanger Sequencing.

VH Bio now offers a new high-performing and inexpensive portfolio of reagents that can be independently used as alternatives to the BigDye® chemistry for Sanger Sequencing.

We are now offering our customers free samples of the QuantumSeq™ Sequencing kits so you can trial and evaluate their effectiveness in your lab. You will find that the Sanger Sequencing product line is more cost-effective compared to the market leader, but with the same high-quality performance.

Featured products:

QuantumSeq specialises in making high-quality DNA sequencing reagents at competitive prices. We are now offering their range of Sanger Sequencing products including:

QuantumDye™ Terminator v3.1 Cycle Sequencing Kit

The QuantumDye™ v3.1 Terminator Cycle Sequencing Kit is based on the Sanger Dideoxynucleotide Chain Termination method. It was developed as a direct, drop-in substitute for BigDye® Terminator v3.1, with no changes in protocol, dilution, workflow, calibration, or settings using DyeSet Z.

The kit is provided with a 2.5x concentrated ready-reaction premix, plus sequencing dilution buffer and controls (plasmid DNA template and sequencing primer) fully optimised for a highly flexible chemistry, designed for all kinds of sequencing applications, including de novo sequencing and resequencing.

The kit generates data with uniform peak heights and optimised signal balance to produce long, high-quality reads

Benefits include:

  • Identical performance and direct, drop-in substitute to BigDye Terminator v3.1
  • Flexible packaging formats
  • Uniform peak heights and long, high-resolution cycle sequencing reads with extremely low background
  • Fully compatible with all ABI Genetic Analysers
  • Optimised for de novo sequencing and resequencing applications
  • Formulated as a 2.5x concentrated cycle sequencing mix

QuantumSeq™ 5x Sequencing Buffer

A complementary product that VH Bio is now also offering is the QuantumSeq™ 5x Sequencing Buffer. This was developed as a cost-effective alternative to BigDye™ Terminator v1.1 & v3.1 5x Sequencing Buffer for use in cycle sequencing applications. The Sequencing Buffer is intended for use with QuantumSeq’s QuantumDye™ cycle sequencing kits to adjust the final reaction volume when using less cycle sequencing mix.

QuantumPOP™ 7 Polymer

QuantumPOP™ 7 polymer was developed as a direct, drop-in substitute for POP-7™ polymer, with no changes in user protocol, workflow, calibration, or settings. The Sanger Sequencing polymers are a separation matrix for capillary electrophoresis on 3730/3730xl DNA Analysers. They can be used for DNA sequencing analysis applications and provide an even peak separation for long, high resolution reads.

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