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True walk-away automated RNA and DNA extraction from FFPE samples

30 November 2017

The process of extracting DNA and RNA from samples that have been frozen or preserved in formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded (FFPE) can be laborious and time-consuming.

It is, however, a process that can made faster and more efficient with the ExScale magLEAD 12GC. This instrument uses Magtration® Technology, which enables the separation and re-suspension of magnetic beads within a disposable tip while reducing the risk for cross contamination between samples.

FFPE or frozen specimens?

FFPE is a popular solution for preserving and storing specimens, chiefly because it can be stored at room temperature. This process simplifies storage and reduces long-term storage costs, but can also degrade the quality of the sample and impair results.

While frozen specimens are preferable in terms of sample quality for downstream molecular analysis, they still require careful handling, while the DNA/RNA will still require purification when it has been extracted.

One of the ExScale magLEAD 12GC’s most attractive features, therefore, is the fully automatic sequential extraction of both RNA and DNA from the same biospecimen from FFPE samples.

Combined with ExScale’s range of RNA and DNA purification kits, it’s a fully-automated, walk-away system that requires no manual handling of reagents.

The isolated nucleic acids are suitable for use in NGS and other downstream applications for clinical and research purposes.

ExScale’s nucleic acid isolation protocols use intuitive software, novel lysis buffer solutions and magnetic separation of DNA and RNA-bound bead particles enabling DNA standalone or proprietary serial extraction of DNA and RNA from the same tissue, and standalone HD-RNA™ extraction enriching for mature RNA.

ExScale’s purification kits consist of plastic-ware, reagents packed into prefilled cartridges and a deparaffinisation reagent.

You can read more information about the ExScale instruments and purification kits. They are distributed exclusively by VH Bio in the UK.

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