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VH Bio adds high-resolution HLA typing to in-house next-generation sequencing (NGS) service

1 May 2019

Transplant waiting lists in the UK are as long as ever: while 49 people have received transplants in the first 10 days of April 2019, a further 6,081 are on the transplant waiting list*.

It places huge pressure on the system, and puts huge onus on the need to process HLA typing of this incredibly complex genetic region as quickly and accurately as possible.

With that market need in mind, VH Bio has added high-resolution genotyping  to its HLA typing service, bringing world-class NGS within reach of laboratories of all sizes.

The Human Leukocyte Antigen (HLA) genes are encoded within the Major Histocompatibility Complex (MHC) of humans, responsible for the regulation of the human immune system.

HLA plays an important role in disease defence and protection against cancers, and are the major cause of organ transplant rejections.  HLA can also act as a biomarkers of susceptibility to certain disease or contribute to adverse drug reactions.

VH Bio launched its typing service in 2012, and this addition brings accessible high-resolution HLA typing within reach of more people. The technology at the heart of the development is AllType NGS using the Ion Chef and S5 platform. Developed by One Lambda, AllType is a NGS workflow that begins with the PCR amplification of all 11 classical HLA genes in a single multiplexed reaction.

This reduces the quantity of DNA required to only 50 ng and additionally decreases consumable (and third-party reagent) usage, margin for error, and handling time.

It also reduces the need for automation. An initial thermal cycling time of only 2.5 hours means that AllType is the only NGS workflow that can be completed on the bench in a single workday; samples can be ready for analysis within two workdays.

You can read more about HLA typing with AllType here.

VH Bio offers a fast turnaround and rapid throughput, and work is carried out on-site at VH Bio’s headquarters in the North East of England. All work is performed by professional scientific staff with a combined experience of more than 40 years in the field.

VH Bio participates in all relevant UK EQA schemes and is ISO 9001:2015 and IS) 14001 certified.

We can additionally perform investigations of other polymorphic genetic systems including MICA and KIR typing. We can also offer HLA antibody screening of serum samples.

Note: The service is offered for R&D / non-diagnostic purposes only and results must not be utilised to inform patient management decisions. Working with our partner laboratories within the NHS, we can however arrange for diagnostic testing and would welcome enquiries about this.

* NHS Blood and Transplant Service data, correct at time of writing

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