VH Bio proud to support local mental health charity

Published July 31, 2018 9:17 am by James Briggs

“VH Bio Ltd were looking for a charity to support: a small, local charity that the whole team could connect with, fund raise for and volunteer for.


“Everyone was asked for their suggestions and ‘If U Care Share’ resonated with most people within the company. A number of individuals knew someone who had been affected by suicide or attempted suicide and everyone could relate to the underlying issues of mental health.


“Mental health is something we take very seriously at VH Bio Ltd; we are much more than just a commercial enterprise, we are a family. Like any family at its core is looking after each other and this ethos extends out to our wider customer base. It is easy to lose the life work balance when you are as passionate about delivering a good service as we are, so it’s essential we support each other in obtaining and maintaining this equilibrium which ultimately leads to strong mental health and as a result makes us perform better both within work and in our lives.


If U Care Share is a small independent charity based in the North East of England – just down the road from VH Bio HQ! The charity does amazing work focusing on the prevention and intervention of suicide as well as the support for those bereaved by suicide. Having met Shirley the founder of the charity it was clear that we had made a great decision; her drive and commitment to help others and a genuine belief that talking can save lives was inspirational (and those of you that know VH Bio Ltd well will know talking for us is a big thing, too!).”


-Alison Wortley, Managing Director of VH Bio 


Learn more about If U Care Share on their website at https://www.ifucareshare.co.uk/ and follow us on Twitter or Linkedin to find out about upcoming fundraisers for the charity!

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