VH Bio’s top products of 2018

Published January 7, 2019 12:17 pm by James Briggs

Welcome to the roundup of VH Bio’s favourite products of 2018! The fast pace of the sector in which VH Bio operates means we are constantly adding to and refreshing our product ranges.

Our suppliers work tirelessly to bring innovative new products to market – some of which offer groundbreaking developments in detection sensitivity and analysis; others deliver specific benefits to the user, such as lower costs, improved workflow and faster, more efficient time to results.

We have picked out just some of our favourite products of the past 12 months here:

Asuragen – AmplideX PCR/CE DMPK Kit

This kit launched in 2018 and introduced a ground-breaking alternative for the detection and sizing of CTG repeats within the DMPK gene.

AmplideX® technology has revolutionised how repeat expansions within the FMR1, C9orf72, and TOMM40 genes can be analysed, significantly expediting time-to-result and reducing the reliance on cumbersome Southern blot analysis.

The AmplideX® PCR/CE DMPK Kit extends this groundbreaking approach to the DMPK gene, which has long challenged laboratory analysis due to the presence of very large expansions (over 1000 repeats) and a high degree of mosaicism.

You can read more about it here, or check out the full product page here.

Cedarlane: Anti-Human CD markers

The CD3, CD19 and CD20 Anti-Human CD Markers are new additions to our range of antibodies and immunological reagents covering the research areas of immunology, veterinary immunology, apoptosis, autophagy, stem cells, and neuroscience for human, rat, mouse and veterinary species.

You can see the full product range here.

Edge – EnzSAP PCR cleanup reagent

We marked the launch of this product by giving away free samples for customers to trial and compare to their existing PCR cleanup methods – and the promotion proved a huge success!

The Edge Bio EnzSAP™ allows quick and simple clean-up of DNA samples that have been amplified using the PCR technique. EnzSAP cleans-up PCR amplicons in two ways: firstly, Exonuclease I degrades any remaining PCR primers that might interfere with subsequent enzymatic reactions (through the generation of non-specific amplification products).

Secondly, SAP inactivates any unincorporated dNTPs by removing the 5’ phosphate molecule (dephosphorylation) from the ribose molecule of the nucleotide so that it cannot be ligated into a growing DNA chain.

Find out more on the product page here.

Molzym: Mastermix 16S/18S

Molzym’s DNA-Free PCR Master Mixes are a series of kits especially dedicated to the sensitive and specific detection of bacterial and fungal pathogens in samples.

The Molzym Mastermix 16S and 18S product lines are dedicated to the sensitive and specific detection of bacterial and fungal pathogens in samples.

All reagents are manufactured DNA-free with respect to microbial DNA contaminations. Likewise, the reagents are highly active in their amplification performance.

Master mixes contain pre-assembled reagents necessary for PCR, including dNTPs, buffer, Mg2+ (3mM final) and BSA.

You can find the full product range here.

One Lambda – AllType NGS

This assay was popular in 2018 for the way it delivers NGS-based genotyping with a fast turnaround. AllType™ offers a complete NGS solution that delivers unambiguous, high-resolution genotyping results in less than three days.

This assay delivers single-tube amplification for all eleven Class I and Class II loci, completely removing the need for amplicon pooling. Samples are transferred directly to library preparation and made ready for sequencing in a single workday.

Find out more here.

PSS – magLEAD 12GC system

We don’t just sell kits and reagents! The magLEAD® 6gC & magLEAD® 12gC are easy-to-use, bench-top instrumentation for fast, low cost and precise nucleic acid extraction.

In fact, their addition to our range in 2018 could see your laboratory’s centrifuge become redundant where separation and extraction of nucleic acid is concerned.

High-quality nucleic acids are obtained by using in-tip magnetic bead extraction (Magtration®). The instruments provide faster, cleaner and more efficient magnetic bead extractions for high-purity nucleic acid recovery.

Find out more here.

To find out more about any of our current products please contact us here or browse our newly-redesigned product catalogues – plus you can find out about our latest product launches by following our Twitter feed.

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