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Viral Molecular Transport Medium for Safer, Faster, No Cold Chain Shipping and Testing During COVID-19

8 April 2020

Quality molecular testing for the 2019 SARS-CoV-2 novel coronavirus requires optimised components at every stage of the testing process, beginning at sample collection.

VH Bio is now able to offer a state-of-the-art ambient temperature molecular diagnostic collection and transport device that has been designed to help governments, global health organisations and drug manufacturers improve the diagnosis and treatment of infectious diseases such as COVID-19.

By inactivating the virus, PrimeStore® Molecular Transport Medium allows for testing to take place outside of containment facilities, opening up more testing laboratories.

Viral Molecular Transport Medium

PrimeStore® MTM was designed for and has been validated to inactivate the types of pathogens that cause pandemics and epidemics. In 2009, during the H1N1 novel influenza A Swine flu pandemic, Longhorn Vaccines and Diagnostics received FDA emergency use authorisation (EUA) on their H1N1 Influenza assay. This was the first H1N1 Influenza assay to include a Molecular Transport Medium and today PrimeStore® MTM is the only FDA-cleared microbial nucleic acid storage and stabilisation device in its class.

Unlike other Universal (UTM) and Viral (VTM) Transport Mediums, PrimeStore® MTM was developed and optimised for molecular testing. The storage and stabilisation solution will destroy the enzymes and proteins which degrade nucleic acid and at the same time the RNA/DNA is stabilised very quickly.

PrimeStore® MTM is the only transport medium that:

  • inactivates the sample in the tube.
  • eliminates the cold chain from sample collection and transport. It is cleared for stabilisation of RNA for up to 8 days at ambient temperature.
  • does not contain PCR inhibitors.
  • immediately stabilises RNA which is critical for COVID-19 testing.
  • provides safe inactivated samples for the laboratory, helping protect lab technicians.

Extraction and purification of nucleic acids stabilised with PrimeStore® MTM has been validated on several manual spin column and automated magnetic bead extraction kits.

Contact VH Bio for more info about the PrimeStore® Molecular Transport Medium:

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