Serological Typing

An industry vanguard in HLA tissue typing, One Lambda developed the first assays that accurately determine HLA antigens. One Lambda\’s broad spectrum of serological typing products include Terasaki T1, T2, and T3 NIH method typing trays as well as locus specific, ethnic, supplemental and dry trays.

HLA Tissue Typing Trays

Terasaki HLA Tissue Typing Trays contain well-characterized antisera that produce consistent and accurate HLA typing with complement dependent cytotoxicity methods.

Monoclonal Trays

One Lambda's exclusive Lambda Monoclonal Trays (LMT™) feature premixed monoclonal antibodies and rabbit complement for a fast and dependable method of determining HLA Class I or Class II antigens.

Serological Ancillary Products

Ancillary products such as the Terasaki Cover Slides, Insta-Seal™ and FluoroSeal™ Cover Slides, and Terasaki Trays are designed specifically for use with our HLA typing trays.

Serological Reagents

One Lambda offer a host of highly specialized reagents and controls that aid in the process of tissue typing and are optimised for use with our HLA typing trays.

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